Secret Tips To Shot Success In CA Foundation Exam

Is your aim is to become Chartered Accountant? Want to become a professional CA? Looking for secret tips to shot success in CA foundation exam? If your answers to these questions are yes, then this post suits you. Here in this article we are providing complete details on secret tips to shot success in CA foundation exam.

In Chartered Accountancy course there are 3 stages of exam to become a Chartered Accountant. The 1st stage is CA foundation, 2nd stage is CA Intermediate and final stage is CA Final. CA Foundation is the 1st step in the curriculum of CA course. This is just like an entrance test to pursue CA course. Take this foundation course seriously as it is the 1st step to the entry of CA course.

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CA Foundation is a new journey to start CA course. CA is considered as one of the toughest course, but don’t worry it is our perception it is easy or difficult. Believe  in yourself so that you can easily get the success. Here we are providing secret tips to shot success in CA foundation exam.

Secret Tips To Shot Success In CA Foundation

As CA foundation is the 1st stage of CA course the students should take it seriously in order to get admission to CA course. Here we are providing some secret tips which helps you to shot success in CA foundation. Students please follow this routine in order to shot success in CA Foundation.

Understand Things Rather Than Learning

This is one of the secret tip which helps you to shot success in CA foundation exam. Many people learn the concepts rather than understanding it. If you learn a particular topic, then it will be in your mind only for 10-15 days, again you have to revise to remember the concept. But if you understand the things while studying then sure you will not forgot and you can get it just b recalling. So, understand the topic.

Make Goals

To achieve anything first you have to make goals. It is advised for the students to set goals before starting your preparation for the exam. It may be for a day or for a particular hour set goals to complete the tasks. By doing like this you can definitely achieve success. If you don’t make goals you will have the more chances to waste your valuable time. So, make sure to make goals in order to achieve success.

Start With Concept That Scares You

This is another secret tip that helps you to shot success in CA foundation exam. For everyone there will be a 1 or 2 topics that makes you scare, so while staring your preparation for the exam, first choose the concept that scares you. By picking this concept first you will get confidence on yourself to face the exam. leaving these scare topics for the last is not a good choice. In last minutes you cannot spend a lot of the time for the difficult topics.

Make Your Own Notes To Shot Success In CA Foundation

Many students during the time of preparation just read the book and leaves off, but the students should make notes on their own which helps them at the time of preparation. Depending on the study material is not a good choice, the notes which you prepare at the time of preparation will be handy for you at the time of revision. So, please prepare your own hand written short notes and revise it thoroughly before the exams.

Revise The Concepts

Preparing for the exam is first thing and revision is the second thing. Remember the thing that you will perform the part which you have revised before the exam. If you don’t give your time for revision then it will be difficult for you in the exam to remember the answers. So, it is advised for students to allot a day in a week to revise the concepts you studied in that week. So, by revising one can easily take the exam.

Take Mock Tests To Shot Success In CA Foundation

This is another best secret tip to shot success in CA foundation exam. The best thing to analyze yourself is by taking mock tests and by practicing previous question papers. By taking mock tests help them to manage time and to avoid silly mistakes during the examination. You can attempt mock tests online by visiting various online websites.

Stay Away From Entertainment

In order to gain success one has to concentrate on studies. In present era there are so many things which distracts our concentration from studying. Social media and smart phones are the main things that distract one from studying. SO, try to keep those things away until you complete your examinations.

That’s all about secret tips to shot success in CA foundation exam. If you have any questions regarding this post, please do comment in below comment section, we will reply as early as possible. Keep visiting our site for more recent updates. Follow our site team @


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