Quick Revision Tips For CA IPCC Students – Revise Before Exams

Have you completed your preparation for CA IPCC exam? Want to start revision for the exam? looking for quick revision tips for CA IPCC? If you are searching for these questions, then your search ends here. Now in this article we are providing complete details on quick revision tips for CA IPCC students.

The students after preparing for the exam should revise in order to attempt exams without any difficulty. After preparation one has to allot time for revision. So, to help the students at the time of preparation, we are providing some quick revision tips for CA IPCC students. The students who have cleared CPT or CA foundation course are eligible to attempt CA IPCC exam.

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CA IPCC or intermediate is the 2nd stage of CA course. There are 8 subjects in IPCC course which are divided into 2 groups. The students can attempt for both the groups at a time or can attempt each group individually. For any exam revision is must after completing preparation. By revising one can recall the concepts which helps them to write exams easily.

Quick Revision Tips For CA IPCC

Now here we are providing quick revision tips for CA IPCC students which helps to face the exams with out fear. Follow these quick revision tips in order to score good marks.

Plan Revision Schedule

This is one of the quick revision tips for CA IPCC. The students will prepare a time table for them to study, at that you have to allocate a time for revision. The students should plan to revise daily, weekly and monthly. Studying regularly and making intelligent revision plans makes you to get good score in IPCC exams. Plan for revision to do daily by revising the concepts you studied on a particular day, plan weekly revision by allocating a day in a week to revise all the concepts you studied in that week.  Make plans to revise monthly by dedicating a whole week to revise what concepts you have learned in a month.

Quick Revision Tips For CA IPCC – Revise Your Own Notes

This is the 2nd quick revision tip for CA IPCC students. It is advised for the students to make a short notes during the time of preparation. This revision notes helps you to revise before the commencement of the exam. By preparing notes by your own hand written helps you to remember the concepts well. So, make a habit of making notes which helps you a lot at the time of preparation for exam.

Revise Complete Syllabus Initially and Finally

As CA IPCC exam is the toughest exam to crack it is recommended for the students to revise the entire syllabus initially and finally. As CA IPCC exam is not a one time process so one has to allot time for revision from beginning of the preparation. Make a habit of revising the entire syllabus from the beginning. It is suggested for the students to allot a entire month for revision before the commencement of exam.

Decide Book To Make Revision Easy

The students who are preparing for CA IPCC exams should keep in mind that revision time is very valuable. Many students waste their time by searching books or notes for revision. Don’t waste your time by searching book, choose a book or study material earlier to study it at the time of revision. By choosing book earlier helps you to save time and you can utilize that time efficiently on revision. Select one book for revision for each subject.

Make Revision From Online Sources – Quick Revision Tips For CA IPCC

There are many sources that are available online that help you at the time of revision. There are some online websites which helps you to revise for CA IPCC exam. By choosing online resources for revision helps you to save time and grasp more in less time. So, opt for online revision which has many benefits.

Choose Easier Part First For Revision

In the entire syllabus of CA IPCC exam, there are some topics which will be easier and some topics which are difficult. So, students are suggested to revise the easier topics first, which takes less time for revision. By revising easy topics first one can easily save the time which can be utilized for revising difficult topics. By revising easy topics one can get confidence and feel relaxed because of completion of portion of the syllabus.

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